What is Woodolex ?

WOODOLEX is a brand new approach to flexible MDF that’s already changing the shape of UK craftsmanship. By simply applying heat directly to the material’s surface, you can bend and shape it exactly how you want so you can deliver nothing but the perfect finish.

Woodolex is designed as a material for making various kinds of decorative elements. It can be installed on furniture, walls, ceilings, doors etc. It is very easy to bend in all directions when heated with warm air, and this is a fantastic material for all kinds of curves and bends.

Woodolex will save you a lot of time and money when carrying out complex projects. We hope Woodolex become your favourite material.

How to bend Woodolex ?


Plain Woodolex

From plain Woodolex, you can make your own patterns using basic woodworking machines and hand tools. It is very often used for the production of mouldings and skirtings where a curve is required. Additionally, a flexible MDF is suitable for carving.

Profiled Woodolex

This offer is mainly directed to builders and those who do not have their own woodworking machines. Our offer includes skirtings and architraves that you can easily bend and match with profiles which are generally available at major DIY store chains: Jewson, Travis Perkins, Selco, Builder Depot etc.
  • Unique Material – that can be bent and shaped a thousand different ways
  • Perfect Finishing Touch – that allows you to add something truly unique
  • Versatile Use – perfect for everyone from builders and designers to carpenters
  • Easy-to-Use – material that allows you to master working with it in seconds

What machines and tools can be used to process Woodolex?

Chop Saw​
Drilling Tools​
Table Saw
Spindle Moulder
Hand Saw​


For Builders, Designers, Joinery, Film Industry

How to make and bend skirting ?

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