Easy Bend Architrave J-A1

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Elevate your interior design with the J-A1 Woodolex Architrave, engineered for exceptional flexibility and aesthetic precision. After heating with a standard heat gun, this architrave can be effortlessly bent in any direction, allowing for custom contours that fit perfectly around doors and windows. Its ability to be reheated and adjusted ensures a precise installation, making it a favourite among designers seeking to achieve a sleek and contemporary look. The J-A1 is a hallmark of modern design, offering an innovative solution for those who demand flexibility and style in their architectural elements. For those wanting to create a cohesive interior design, download the profile comparison  CLICK HERE – PDF   to ensure the J-A1 matches perfectly with your existing architectural details.

  • Length 2250mm
  • Finish – Smooth, ready for painting
  • Application – Internal