Easy Bend Architrave TP-A1

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The TP-A1 Woodolex Architrave sets a new standard for modern and minimalist design, offering unmatched flexibility and a sleek profile that enhances the aesthetic of any doorway or window. Achieve a custom, architecturally sound finish with ease, thanks to the TP-A1’s ability to bend in any direction upon heating. This feature facilitates creative design solutions and ensures a perfect fit, eliminating the challenges of traditional installation methods. Ideal for contemporary spaces that value clean lines and precise detailing, the TP-A1 is a must-have for those looking to achieve a polished and refined interior. To ensure compatibility with your design project, you can just download our detailed PDF comparison  CLICK HERE – PDF  

  • Length 2250mm
  • Finish – Smooth, ready for painting
  • Application – Internal