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Woodolex Flexible Boards: A Game Changer in Interior Design

Woodolex, a pioneering flexible board made from 96% recycled wood, redefines interior design possibilities with its Easy Bend Board technology and sustainability focus [1]. This innovative product garnered the Best Innovation in Show Award at UKCW 2021, highlighting its potential to transform the interior design landscape [1].

Manufactured in the UK, Woodolex not only offers a flexible solution adaptable as flexible MDF, flexible plywood, and bendy plywood but also sets a new standard in eco-friendly design materials, promising to be a game-changer for creative and sustainable interior solutions [2].

flexible boardThe Innovation Behind Woodolex Flexible Boards

At the heart of Woodolex’s innovation lies its unique composition and manufacturing process:

  • Composition: Woodolex Flexible Boards are crafted from 96% recycled wood and 4% adhesive, balancing durability and flexibility. This blend makes the boards as challenging as wood yet as flexible as rubber, making them suitable for various design applications [1] [5].
  • Manufacturing Process: The boards are constructed from thin sawdust-lued layers to form a solid yet even board. This meticulous process contributes to the board’s flexibility, water resistance, and the ability to be reused multiple times, underscoring Woodolex’s commitment to sustainability [1].
  • Innovative Features:
    • Easy Bend Technology: Woodolex boards can be easily bent into desired shapes using an electric heat gun, a testament to their adaptability in interior design [3].
    • Versatility: Available in plain and profiled variants, Woodolex caters to a broad spectrum of needs, from DIY enthusiasts to professional builders. The profiled option is particularly beneficial for those without access to woodworking machinery, offering pre-shaped skirtings and architraves that can be effortlessly curved [1].

Woodolex’s recognition at UKCW 2021 as the Best Innovation in Show further validates its groundbreaking impact on the interior design industry [1].

Flexible BoardTransforming Spaces with Flexibility

Woodolex flexible boards revolutionise interior spaces by offering unparalleled flexibility and customisation. Here’s how:

  1. Versatile Applications:
    • Skirtings, architraves, mouldings, and panels [1]
    • Furniture covings, dados, and arts [1]
    • Flooring, interior wall and ceiling cladding [11]
    • Acoustic, flexible wooden wall panels for residential and commercial properties [10]
  2. Easy Customization:
    • Boards can be bent and twisted into any shape, allowing for custom-shaped wooden boards that enhance interior spaces uniquely [4].
    • Heat-activated flexibility enables easy bending in all directions for various curves and bends [1].
  3. Aesthetic and Functional Benefits:
    • Adds beauty and sophistication with unique hues, flowing grains, and accent marks [12].
    • It improves insulation, keeping interiors warm in winter and cool in summer [13].
    • Reduces reverberation and echo, which benefits large open spaces [12].

Woodolex’s innovative technology transforms the aesthetic of interior spaces and enhances their functionality and comfort, making it a preferred choice for designers and homeowners alike.

Benefits of Choosing Woodolex for Interior Design

Choosing Woodolex for interior design projects brings many benefits, enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of any space. Here are some key advantages:

  • Eco-Friendliness and Sustainability: Woodolex is crafted from 96% recycled wood, making it an environmentally friendly choice. It moderates humidity, contributing to healthier indoor air quality [11]. Additionally, using renewable resources like bamboo and cedar in some Woodolex panels underscores its commitment to sustainability [13].
  • Versatility and Durability: Woodolex offers unparalleled flexibility in design and is available in various sizes and finishes, as well as both plain and profiled versions. It’s water-resistant, reusable, and compatible with all paints and primers, ensuring long-lasting and elegant finishes [1] [6]. These boards can be easily shaped and adapted to various decorative elements, including skirtings, architraves, and furniture coverings [1].
  • Health and Well-being: Incorporating Woodolex in interior designs elevates the space’s aesthetics and promotes well-being. Studies have shown that wood interiors can reduce stress levels, improve cognitive abilities, and enhance overall well-being [11]. The sound-absorbing properties of wooden panels also contribute to a quieter and more peaceful environment [13].

By choosing Woodolex, designers and homeowners can enjoy a blend of beauty, functionality, and environmental responsibility, making it a superior choice for modern interior design projects.

flexible boardHow to Work with Woodolex Flexible Board

Working with Woodolex flexible boards is straightforward and allows creative freedom in interior design projects. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to manipulate these boards for your design needs:

  1. Choosing Your Woodolex Variant:
    • Plain Woodolex: Ideal for creating custom patterns with essential woodworking tools [1].
    • Profiled Woodolex: Designed for those without access to woodworking machinery, simplifying the design process [1].
    • Easy Bend Handrails: Cater to specific needs like bending architraves and skirting, offering additional versatility [1] [16].
  2. Bending Process:
    • Materials Needed: A Woodolex flexible board and an electric heat gun [3].
    • Heating: Evenly apply heat to both sides of the board for 10-15 minutes, holding the heat gun 10-15 centimetres away [3].
    • Shaping: After heating, bend the board into the desired shape [3].
    • Cooling: Allow the board to cool for 10-15 minutes before installing [3].
  3. Installation Options:
    • Adhesives: Liquid Nails can be used for a secure fit [10].
    • Mechanical Fixings: Screws are an alternative for attaching Woodolex boards to surfaces [10].

By following these steps, designers and DIY enthusiasts can easily incorporate Woodolex flexible boards into their interior design projects, benefiting from the product’s versatility and ease of use.


Woodolex Flexible Boards stand out as a remarkable innovation in interior design, fundamentally altering how designers and homeowners conceptualise and implement their ideas. Combining the critical aspects of sustainability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, Woodolex meets the contemporary demands of eco-friendly design materials and opens up a new horizon of creative possibilities. Its accolades and recognition underscore its potential and promise as a game-changing solution in the industry, making it an attractive option for those looking to blend functionality with environmental consciousness in their design projects.

As we move forward, the significance of utilising materials that are not only innovative but also environmentally responsible cannot be overstated. Woodolex embodies this fusion, offering a product that not only elevates the aesthetic and utility of a space but also contributes positively towards sustainable practices within the design sector. For those intrigued by the prospects of transforming their interior spaces with this flexible, durable, and eco-friendly solution, the opportunity to discover the endless design possibilities with Woodolex Flexible Boards awaits, promising an exciting journey towards achieving both creative and sustainable design solutions.

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