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Woodolex Revolution: The Impact of Flexible Trim on Future Design

Woodolex introduces a groundbreaking transformation in the design landscape with their product, the Easy Bend Wooden Board (EBWB®), made from 96% recycled wood and 4% adhesive, heralding a new era of eco-friendly, flexible trim options [1] [4]. This innovation champions sustainability and opens up a horizon of possibilities for architects and designers, making flexible wood trim, flexible trim moulding, and other decorative elements more accessible and versatile [1].

The introduction of EBWB® has a profound impact on the future of design. Its water-resistant and reusable nature makes it suitable for a myriad of applications, such as skirtings, architraves, and flexible trim for arches. This, in turn, revolutionises the way builders, individuals, and designers approach interior and architectural projects [1].

The Evolution of Flexible Trim DesignArticle Image

The evolution of trim design has been characterised by its adaptation and transformation across various historical periods, each reflecting the architectural and cultural trends of its time:

  • Ancient and Classical Periods:
    • Stone and Marble Trims: Initially, trims were carved from natural materials like stone and marble, with civilisations like the Greeks and Romans introducing intricate designs [6].
    • Architectural Influence: These periods were marked by decorative mouldings that added detail and grandeur to structures, laying the groundwork for future design principles [6].
  • Medieval to Victorian Eras:
    • Gothic Complexity: The Gothic period saw trims evolve into more complex designs, often made from carved stone to accentuate verticality and grandeur in buildings [6].
    • Renaissance Simplification: A return to classical designs during the Renaissance made trims more simplified and symmetrical, often crafted from plaster or stucco [6].
    • Victorian Ornamentation: Characterized by ornate designs, trims in the Victorian era were predominantly made from cast iron or wood, adding intricate detailing to buildings [6].
  • Modern Innovations:
    • Diverse Materials: Today, flexible trim incorporates various materials, including metal, plastic, and wood, with modern designs favouring clean lines and simplicity [6].
    • Technological Advancements: Innovations like the EBWB® from Woodolex demonstrate the industry’s shift towards sustainable and versatile materials easily customised for different applications [5] [11].

This progression underscores the significant impact of historical, cultural, and technological influences on the development of architectural trim design, which has led to the diverse and adaptable solutions available today.

Benefits of Using Woodolex Flexible Trim

Woodolex offers a wide range of benefits that cater to both aesthetic and practical needs in design and construction:

  1. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable:
    • Made from 96% recycled wood and 4% adhesive, Woodolex is an environmentally conscious choice [13].
    • It focuses on sustainability by utilising renewable resources and reclaimed wood, reducing the environmental footprint [14].
  2. Durability and Maintenance:
    • Water-resistant and reusable, Woodolex provides long-lasting solutions for interior and exterior designs [1].
    • Its smooth surface is ready for painting, making it easy to clean and maintain, ideal for high-traffic areas [3][13].
  3. Versatility and Ease of Use:
    • Woodolex can be easily shaped by applying heat, allowing for the creation of complex designs without compromising on time or cost [1].
    • Compatible with basic woodworking machines and hand tools, it offers flexibility in processing and installation [1].

By incorporating EBWB®, Woodolex not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of spaces but also contributes positively to the environment, making it a preferred choice for future design projects.

Applications and Installation of Flexible Trim From Woodolex®

Woodolex Flexible Trim revolutionises how we approach design and installation in simple and complex architectural projects. Its versatility extends to a wide range of applications, making it a prime choice for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike:

  • Steps and Staircases:
    1. Woodolex offers specific flexible trim for straight or curved steps that adapt seamlessly to the design [15].
    2. A unique type designed for steps with a U-turn requires a template for precise pre-bending, ensuring a perfect fit [15].
  • Installation Tools and Process:
    • Necessary tools include an electric heat gun, suitable adhesive for metal and wood, a screwdriver, a clamp, and wood glue [16].
    • The process involves heating the Woodolex return insert, applying adhesive, securing it with screws, and ensuring firmness with a clamp for a flawless finish [16].
  • Safety and Versatility:
    • Always follow safety precautions when using the heat gun and handling adhesives to prevent accidents [16].
    • Beyond architectural features, Woodolex’s flexibility allows for innovative uses in furniture, walls, ceilings, and doors, offering endless creative possibilities [1].

Customising Your Space with Woodolex Flexible Trim

Customising your space with Woodolex offers endless possibilities to infuse personality and coherence into your interiors. Here’s how Woodolex transforms spaces:

  • Colour and Texture:
    • Available in a spectrum of colours, finishes, and textures, Woodolex allows for personalisation to match your existing decor or to create a new aesthetic [13].
    • From vibrant hues to subtle tones and from smooth to textured finishes, the choice is yours.
  • Application Diversity:
    • Wall Paneling: Achieve a unified or contrasting wall aesthetic with customisable wood panels [13].
    • Furniture and Cabinetry: Create bespoke pieces that stand out or blend in with your space [13].
    • Flooring: Use Woodolex for durable, stylish flooring that ties the room together [13].
    • Ceiling Design: Combine Woodolex ceiling skin grid strips with ceiling tiles for a sensational overhead view [17].
  • Customisation and Pricing:
    • Woodolex products, including return inserts, flexible trim and panels, are available in sizes like 18mm x 119mm x 2250mm to 18mm x 225mm x 2250mm, catering to different project scales [3] [16].
    • The cost varies from £69.00 to £107.00 plus VAT, depending on type, finish, and size, making it accessible for various budgets [3].

Incorporating Woodolex into your design projects means embracing flexibility, durability, and aesthetics, all while being eco-conscious.


Throughout this article, we have traversed the architectural and design landscapes revolutionised by Woodolex’s innovative Easy Bend Wooden Board (EBWB®), from its eco-friendly composition of recycled wood to its array of applications in modern design projects. This groundbreaking product not only stands as a testament to sustainability and versatility but also redefines conventional design methodologies, allowing architects and designers to push the boundaries of creativity and functionality. The EBWB® has emerged as a pivotal element in crafting aesthetically appealing and environmentally conscious spaces, signifying a transformative era in the realm of architectural flexible trim and moulding.

As we look to the future of design, it becomes clear that the flexibility, durability, and eco-friendliness of Woodolex’s products cater to a growing demand for innovative and sustainable solutions in architecture and interior design. Embracing these advanced materials not only elevates the quality and intricacy of design projects but also aligns with the global movement towards ecological responsibility. In closing, considering the profound implications of EBWB® in the field, those ready to lead in creating future spaces should not waste time; they are encouraged to explore the diverse potential of Woodolex for their next project.


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