H2 Corners

We are introducing the 90-degree Handrail Corner by Woodolex Ltd, tailor-made for the distinguished high-profile H2 series. This corner piece radiates superior adaptability. Are you wishing for a minor angle adjustment? Use an electric heat gun to achieve your desired bend. We proudly present both grooved and non-grooved variations for your preference. If you’re inclined to modify the groove’s dimension, it’s straightforward! Tailor it effortlessly with standard woodworking equipment and a range of inserts. Connection is straightforward with wood glue, and given its premium wooden structure, you can trim, resize, and fashion with your standard woodworking toolkit. Accentuate its beauty further by opting for a paint or stain finish, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your interior theme. Elevate your space with the high-profile H2 90-degree Handrail Corner.