H2 Volute

Introducing the Handrail Volute, masterfully designed for the prestigious, high-profile H2 series. This volute provides an elegant culmination to your handrails. Want a nuanced change in its curvature? With an electric heat gun, effortlessly sculpt it to your desired shape. We present both grooved and non-grooved variants to cater to your specific needs. Do you wish to adjust the groove’s size? It’s hassle-free! Modify it seamlessly using standard woodworking equipment and a variety of inserts. Joining is simplified with wood glue, and its superior wooden makeup ensures adaptability, allowing you to trim, resize, and shape using your familiar woodworking tools. Elevate its charm by painting or staining, ensuring a perfect match with your interior design. Experience the grandeur with the high-profile H2 Handrail Volute.