H1-Straight Handrail

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Easy Bend Wooden Handrail

Length 2250mm



The Easy Bend Wooden Handrail from Woodolex is a versatile and flexible solution for creating custom handrails with ease. This low-profile handrail is designed to be easily bent using an electric heat gun, allowing you to shape it in any direction you desire. Whether you need curved or angled handrails, this product provides the flexibility to achieve your desired design.
With the option to use glue for joining pieces together, you can seamlessly create longer handrail sections. Additionally, this handrail can be easily modified using standard woodworking tools, allowing you to cut and adjust its size and shape to fit your specific project requirements.
Made from high-quality wood, the Easy Bend Wooden Handrail offers a natural and aesthetically pleasing look. You can paint it to match your decor or add a protective finish for long-lasting durability. This product is ideal for DIY enthusiasts and professionals, providing a convenient and customizable solution for your handrail needs.

Always follow all necessary health & safety procedures and maintain a safe work environment while working with his product.
Please make sure your handrail and bannisters are strong enough and safe for future users. Choose Woodolex for a reliable and versatile solution for your woodworking projects.

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H1 – S Straight, H1 – SG Straight with Groove