Easy Bend Wooden Board 12mm x 110mm x 2400mm


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The easy Bend Wooden Board  (EBWB®) is a versatile board, perfect for a variety of applications. At 12mm thick, 110mm wide, and 2400mm long, it’s ideal for detailed woodworking projects and interior accents that don’t bear weight. Its primary use is decorative, making it perfect for creating unique panels, skirting, and dado moulding. Its unique bending feature with a heat gun allows for intricate and customised decorative applications.

Perfect for small panelling trimming, bidding, creating designs on ceilings or walls, covering holes between floors and walls, and making small skirting stairs or risers. This board can be glued together, laminated, or painted. It’s easy to polish, sand, cut, and machine. It’s possible to Veneer.

Please see the video on how to bend Woodolex.