Plain Woodolex 18mm x 225mm x 2400mm

£98.00 plus VAT


Woodolex is a material that can be bent and shaped with warm air. This product is made by mixing different wood chips. When warm air is applied directly to the surface of the material, it immediately becomes soft and flexible. This makes it very easy to bend in all directions as desired. As a result, you can create furniture with virtually any shape you want!

Woodolex is the perfect product to transform your interior into an edgy, modern masterpiece. It is extremely easy to use and can be applied to any surface.

Woodolex is a wonderful material for making befits, mouldings and art objects. It allows you to shape it as you please. You can bend or curve it by simply applying heat with a heat gun directly to the material’s surface. One of the greatest benefits of this material is that it set quickly so you can finish your work promptly and efficiently. There are many kinds of uses for this product, from small details like decorative mouldings to large art pieces.
Woodolex is optimum for producing skirtings, architraves, mouldings, panels that later on require to be rounded according to the shapes of building wall surface areas or home furnishings. It can be mounted almost everywhere, anywhere you need to make a curve or bend.

Product Woodolex is an excellent material for creating all kinds of decorative elements that fit in any interior style.

The high quality of this item permits you to make all contours with 100% accuracy within an extremely short time. It takes just around 15 mins to make a complex arch or contour.

  • Product Name – Plain Woodolex
  • Size – Depth 18mm, Width 225mm, Length 2400mm
  • Finish – Smooth, ready for painting
  • Application – Internal
  • Manufactured in the UK