Easy Bend Wooden Board 22mm x 110mm x 2400mm


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Versatile and Decorative Woodolex Plank (EBWB®) – This 22mm thick, 110mm wide, and 2400mm long Plain Woodolex plank is ideal for decorative applications, including panelling and crafting. While its smooth surface is perfect for painting or staining, it’s important to note this plank is designed mainly for decoration, such as panels, skirting, dado moulding, and other decorative elements that do not carry weight. You can easily bend using a heat gun, allowing creative designs and applications. Good for skirting, architrave, moulding wall frame wainscoting moulding around, spirals stare and more. You can glue together, and you can laminate, you can paint. It is very easy to polish sand and cut machining, and it’s possible to use Veneer. For more information, please see the video on how to bend Woodolex.