Easy Bend Skirting J-S1

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Featuring an innovative design that effortlessly bends with heat from a heat gun, the J-S1 Woodolex Skirting opens up a world of creative possibilities in interior design. Its bending ability, a crucial feature, allows for easy adaptation to any space’s contours, giving you the freedom to create unique and personalised designs.
Joining is easy with wood glue, and the surface can be polished and sanded with minimal effort for a pristine finish. It’s ready for painting with your choice of paint and compatible with oil- and water-based options. The J-S1 can be cut, drilled, or sanded using standard carpentry tools for customisation and precise fitting. Download the profile drawings PDF (CLICK HERE)to ensure compatibility with your project.
  • Finish – Smooth, ready for painting.
  • Application – Internal

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18mm x 119mm x 2250mm, 18mm x 144mm x 2250mm, 18mm x 168mm x 2250mm, 18mm x 225mm x 2250mm