New Era Of flexible wooden board.

We’ve always believed that you should be able to make and finish just about anything with a single, easy-to-use material. When we realised there wasn’t anything out there that would do the job, we decided to make it.

The Future of FWB

After years of development and fine tuning, we were able to create a unique material that offers more options than anything else you’ll have ever worked with. By taking all the benefits of the classic MDF we’re all familiar with, and upgrading them to create a truly unique Flexible Wooden Board alternative, we’ve made a material that makes creating and finishing as easy as it should be.

Designed For the Real World

We know that when you want to get a job moving, you don’t want to have to spend hours prepping a surface — you just want something that’s ready to go whenever you need it. That’s why our unique Flexible Wooden Board (FWB) requires no prep work, takes just 10 minutes of heating to become fully flexible, and will even cool down and set for life in less than 10 minutes. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to put the finishing touches together in style.

Versatile and Adaptable

No matter where you decide to use our new Flexible Wooden Board, all you have to do is cut it to length, heat it up and get busy bending it perfectly into shape. Once you settle on the look you need, all you have to do is fix it in place and allow it to cool the natural way. It’s the simple, versatile and adaptable way to finish anything you need in a matter of minutes.

The Perfect Finish

Our Flexible Wooden Board (FWB)  finishing is perfectly smooth, meaning that you don’t have to change a thing about the way you work. It works with all types of paints and primers, and is designed to finish just like the materials you’ve been using for years. Only this time you won’t have to make do with inexact fits or multiple sections — you’ll have the perfect curve working in harmony with the perfect finish.

No matter where or when you need to create an elegant curve or intricate line, Flexible Wooden Board the real thing, you’ll have everything you need to add those all-important finishing touches.

It just works better that way.