FAQ for Easy Bend Wooden Board - EBWB® by Woodolex

What is EBWB®?

Easy Bend Wooden Board (EBWB®) is a flexible wooden board made from 96% recycled wood and 4% adhesive. It can be easily bent and shaped by applying heat, making it ideal for various decorative and functional applications.

How is EBWB® made?

EBWB® is created by glueing sawdust to form a solid, flexible board that combines natural materials with modern technology.

Where can EBWB® be used?

EBWB® can be used for skirtings, architraves, handrails, mouldings, panels, furniture covings, dados, arts, and more. It’s suitable for furniture, walls, ceilings, and doors.

How do you bend EBWB®?

Warm air is used to apply heat directly to the board’s surface, allowing it to bend easily in all directions.

Is EBWB® eco-friendly?

Yes, it is made from 96% recycled wood and is designed to be reusable.

What tools can be used to process EBWB®?

Standard woodworking tools, such as chop saws, planers, table saws, sanders, spindle moulders, hand saws, drilling tools, and routers, can be used.

How do I place an order?

You can place orders directly through the Woodolex website or by contacting customer service.

What sizes are available?

EBWB® comes in various sizes to suit different project needs. Specific dimensions can be found on the product page.

Can EBWB® be finished with wood stain?

Yes, EBWB® can be finished with wood stains to achieve the desired look.

What are EBWB® made of?

They are made from 96% recycled wood and 4% adhesive.

Does Woodolex like wood?

Yes, Woodolex uses recycled wood to create sustainable and flexible products.

Do you have EBWB® boards in smaller, thinner strips?

Yes, Woodolex offers boards in various sizes, including smaller, thinner strips.

Do EBWB® come in different colours?

EBWB® can be customised in various colours upon request.

Can we paint the EBWB® boards?

Yes, the boards can be painted to match any design scheme.

Do you have any stockists in the UK?

For information on stockists, please contact Woodolex service.

At what temperature does the EBWB® board bend?

Between 40 – 80°C  The specific bending temperature can be found in the product specifications on the website.

Do you have a representative in Europe?

Yes, Woodolex has representatives in the UK and Poland; contact their customer service for details.

Can we mill a profile on panels like with MDF or Wood?

Yes, EBWB® can be milled like MDF or Wood for custom profiles

Can EBWB® be used for structural purposes?

EBWB® is designed for decorative and non-structural applications.

Can we glue EBWB® boards to make larger boards and bend them?

Yes, boards can be glued together to create larger panels that can still be bent.

What kind of glue can I use to join Woodolex boards together?

Standard woodworking glues are suitable for joining Woodolex boards.

Do you offer any discount?

Discounts may be available for bulk orders. Contact Woodolex for more information.

Can we use EBWB® for external use if fully painted?

Unfortunately, EBWB® can not be used externally,is design for internal use only.

How easy is it to French Polish the Woodolex handrail?

French polishing can be applied to EBWB® handrails, providing a smooth and glossy finish.