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flexible skirting board

Woodolex’s Easy Bend Wooden Board: A Revolutionary Solution for Flexible Skirting Board

In construction and interior design, the Easy Bend Wooden Board (EBWB) is a pioneering product from Woodolex, a leader in the flexible wooden board manufacturing industry[1]. Crafted with 96% recycled wood and 4% adhesive, EBWB embodies an eco-friendly ethos[1]. Its versatility is showcased through its availability in three variants: Plain Woodolex, Profiled Woodolex, and Easy Bend Handrails, catering to a broad range of applications from flexible skirting boards to curved skirting and flexible skirting trim[1].

The innovation of EBWB has not gone unnoticed, as it was honoured with the ‘Best Innovation in Show’ award at UK Construction Week 2021[2]. Woodolex’s offering includes not only the adaptable EBWB but also variations suitable for bay window skirting boards, rubber skirting, and Victorian skirting boards, making it a go-to choice for builders, carpenters, the film industry, and DIY enthusiasts[1][2]. This revolutionary flexible skirting board solution signifies a new era for flexible design in residential and commercial settings[1].

The Revolutionary Concept Behind Flexible Skirting Board EBWB®

At the heart of Woodolex’s innovation lies the Easy Bend Wooden Board (EBWB®), a product that marries the strength of wood with the flexibility of rubber. This unique combination is achieved through a precise formula:

  • Composition: EBWB is crafted from 96% recycled wood and 4% adhesive, creating a 100% natural wooden board that boasts wood’s durability and rubber adaptability [3][1].
  • Construction Process: The board is engineered by glueing thin layers of sawdust to form a solid board with uniform thickness. This method ensures the board’s strength, evenness, and flexibility [1][3].
  • Versatility and Applications: EBWB’s flexibility is activated through heat. An electric heat gun can be used to warm the board for about 10 to 15 minutes, after which it becomes pliable and can be shaped into the desired form. Once cooled, the board retains its new shape permanently, making it suitable for a wide range of applications—from skirting boards to intricate furniture designs [6][7].

This revolutionary approach not only underscores Woodolex’s commitment to sustainability but also opens up new possibilities in design and construction, allowing for the creation of curved surfaces and intricate shapes that were previously difficult to achieve with traditional wood products [1][8].Flexible Skirting Board

Key Benefits and Features

Woodolex Flexible Skirting Board revolutionises the way we approach construction and design, offering a plethora of benefits and features that set it apart from traditional materials:

  1. Simplified Bending Process: Unlike conventional materials that require steaming or weight application for bending, the Flexible Skirting Board becomes fully flexible with just 10 minutes of heating, eliminating complex prep work [9][7]. This feature ensures a seamless and efficient process suitable for various applications.
  2. Durability and Versatility:
    • The water-resistant product makes it suitable for use in moisture-prone areas, enhancing its durability and application range [1].
    • EBWB can be bent in all directions and is compatible with all woodworking machines designed for MDF or wood processing, offering unparalleled versatility in design and application [10].
  3. Eco-Friendly and Aesthetic:
    • EBWB is composed of 96% recycled wood, making it an eco-friendly option for those who are conscious of their environmental impact [1].
    • After cooling, the board’s ability to retain a smooth, continuous bend, both internally and externally, ensures a perfect curve and finish ready for painting [9]. This feature allows for the creation of custom patterns and designs, catering to aesthetic and functional requirements [10].

By integrating these key benefits and features, Woodolex’s Easy Flexible Skirting Board is a revolutionary solution in construction and interior design, offering efficiency, versatility, and sustainability.

Practical Applications: From Flexible Skirting Board to Furniture

Woodolex Easy Bend Wooden Board (EBWB®) opens up many possibilities for both conventional and creative applications in construction and design. The versatility of EBWB® is evident in its wide range of uses:flexible skirting board

  • Flexible Skirting Board and Architectural Details: EBWB® is ideal for creating flexible skirting boards, architraves, mouldings, and panels. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for fitting the contours of curved walls or bay windows, making it a preferred choice for those intricate architectural details [1].
  • Furniture and Interior Design: Beyond architectural elements, EBWB® finds its place in furniture design and interior decorations. Its ability to be shaped into custom patterns allows for creating unique furniture coverings, dados, and arts. Whether a statement piece of furniture or subtle interior accents, EBWB® lends itself to creativity and personalisation [1].
  • Innovative Applications: The Easy Bend Handrails exemplify the innovative potential of EBWB®, which can be bent and twisted into any shape. This feature unlocks new design possibilities, from elegant handrails that follow the natural curves of a staircase to artistic installations that become focal points in any space [1].

Each of these applications showcases the unique qualities of EBWB®, making it a versatile and sustainable choice for builders, designers, and DIY enthusiasts alike.

What Machines and Tools Can be Used to Process Woodolex®

Processing Woodolex Easy Bend Wooden Board requires a combination of heat application and the right cutting, shaping, and finishing tools. Here’s a concise guide on the machines and tools that can be effectively used:

  • Heating Tools:
    • Electric Heat Gun: Essential for making the board pliable. Apply heat evenly to both sides for 10 to 15 minutes, holding the gun about 10 to 15 centimetres from the board [6].
  • Cutting and Shaping Tools:
    1. Chop Saw: For cutting into smaller pieces [1].
    2. Table Saw: For precise cuts and crosscuts [1].
    3. Hand Saw: Useful for manual cutting, especially for custom patterns [1].
    4. Spindle Moulder: For shaping and cutting grooves, slots, and recesses [1].
    5. Planer: For shaping and smoothing the surface [1].
  • Finishing Tools:
    • Sander: For smoothing and finishing the surface [1].
    • Router: For hollowing out, cutting, and trimming [1].
    • Drilling Tools: To create holes and recesses [1].

After bending the board to the desired shape, it’s crucial to allow it to cool down for 10 to 15 minutes before proceeding with further processing [6]. This ensures the board effectively retains its new shape.

Installation Guidelines and Best Practices

To ensure a smooth installation of the Woodolex Easy Bend Wooden Board, follow these guidelines:

  1. Preparation and Heating:
    • Begin by applying heat evenly to both sides of the board using an electric heat gun, maintaining a 10 to 15 centimetres distance from the board [6].
    • Heat the board for approximately 10 to 15 minutes until it becomes pliable enough to bend into the desired shape [6].
  2. Bending and Cooling:
    • After shaping, wait for another 10 to 15 minutes to allow the board to cool down and retain its new shape [6].
    • For installations like the Easy Bend Handrails, heat the thickest insert slowly until flexible, fit it onto the bannister, and secure it with screws. Apply adhesive to join two inserts, secure them with screws from the top, and fit the final part of the Volute into place. Use a clamp with soft material underneath to avoid marks and hold the final part until it cools down [14].
  3. Final Touches and Safety:
    • Replace the bottom screw with a longer one that matches the colour and ensures it goes through all three parts of the Volute for a secure installation [14].
    • Always follow safety precautions when using the heat gun and adhesive. Please take your time to ensure a secure and precise installation, making sure the board is completely cooled down before handling to prevent burns [14][6].flexible skirting board

Where to Purchase Flexible Skirting Board and Available Options

Purchasing Woodolex’s Flexible Skirting Board and exploring the available options is a straightforward process aimed at providing convenience and variety to customers:

      • Where to Purchase:
        • Official Website: The primary platform for purchasing Woodolex products, including the revolutionary Easy Bend Wooden Board, is the Woodolex website. A demonstration of the product’s capabilities was notably featured at the UK Construction Week 2021, capturing the attention of many [15][16].
        • Contact Information: If you have any more questions or need personalised assistance, customers can email Woodolex Ltd at info@woodolex.com. The company is based in London, UK, and provides a contact number for direct communication: 020 8578 8978 [1][7].
      • Available Options and Pricing:
        • Product Range: Woodolex offers an extensive selection of wooden boards, including Plain Woodolex, various skirting options like the BD-S1 Woodolex Torus Flexible Skirting Board, and the H1-Straight Handrail. Each product is designed to meet different needs, from architectural details to furniture components [16].
        • Pricing: These innovative Flexible Skirting Board range from £38.00 to £128.00, plus VAT. Delivery charges may apply and are not included in the listed product prices [16].

    Flexible Skirting Board

  • Additional Information:
    • GDPR Compliance: Woodolex is committed to ethical business practices, adhering to GDPR privacy policies and terms and conditions, ensuring customer data protection and transparency [7].
    • Opportunities: The company also offers a chance to become a distributor, expanding its reach and support to customers and partners globally. I want to point out that interested parties can find more information on the Woodolex website [7].


Throughout this exploration of Woodolex’s innovative Flexible Skirting Board, we’ve uncovered a world of possibilities it opens up in construction and interior design by blending recycled wood’s durability and environmental benefits with unprecedented flexibility. From practical applications that span from versatile skirting boards to custom furniture designs, the Flexible Skirting Board stands out for its ease of use, sustainability, and creative freedom to professionals and enthusiasts alike. The accolades and recognition it has garnered are a testament to its revolutionary impact on the industry, making intricate designs more accessible and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with wooden materials.

As we reflect on the multitude of benefits and features Woodolex offers, it’s clear that embracing such innovations can significantly enhance the quality and aesthetic of any project. The ease of installation and the product’s eco-friendly composition offer a compelling case for its adoption in both residential and commercial settings. To experience the transformative power of the Flexible Skirting Board in your next project and make life easier, we encourage you to buy now. Woodolex’s dedication to sustainability and design excellence promises not just a product but a revolutionary tool in shaping the future of design and construction.


Q: What is the process for bending the Flexible Skirting Board?
A: To bend Woodolex, you should apply heat directly to the material’s surface. This will allow you to manipulate and shape Woodolex to your desired form, ensuring a perfect finish for your project. This method is both time-efficient and cost-effective for complex tasks.

Q: How can wood be made to maintain a flexible state indefinitely?
A: Making wood permanently flexible involves kerfing, which is the act of making a series of cuts, known as kerfs, with a saw. Though this method produces a weaker result than other wood bending techniques, it allows the wood to remain flexible along the curve. It is the quickest method and doesn’t require any special equipment.


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