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flexible dado rail

Ease Your Installation Process with the Flexible Dado Rail from Woodolex

Woodolex is a cutting-edge flexible wood product made from 96% recycled wood and 4% adhesive, designed for making decorative elements like curved dado rails, flexi dados, and flexible dados for walls [1]. This innovative board combines wood’s rigidity with rubber’s flexibility, allowing it to bend easily when heated, making it perfect for curved walls and circular dados [1] [4].

The flexible dado rail from Woodolex offers a unique solution for enhancing interior spaces. It divides walls into distinct sections while adding visual interest through its curved design [2] [3] [4]. Originally designed to protect walls from furniture damage, these decorative mouldings, also known as chair rails or dados, can now seamlessly follow the contours of any room, thanks to Woodolex’s bendable nature [4].

flexible dado railFlexible Dado Rail Advantages

Flexible dado rails offer versatility in contemporary and traditional interior design styles, adding texture and visual interest to enhance space [2]. By painting them in contrasting colours that complement the existing wall colour scheme, they can create an accent or feature wall in hallways [2]. In hallways, dado rails not only define the space but also provide an opportunity to incorporate proper lighting fixtures like chandeliers for an elevated look [2].

Decorating with dado rails opens up various possibilities:

  • Painting the top and bottom sections in different shades [3]
  • Using wallpaper or other materials below the dado rail [3]
  • Combining dado rails with chair rail mouldings for a layered effect [3]

To modernise the traditional chair or picture rail, consider these ideas:

  • Highlight the rails to create wall panelling [4]
  • Paint the rails in a contrasting colour to the wall [4]
  • Use the rails to hang artwork, shelves, or other decor [4]
  • Combine the rails with architectural details like moulding [4]

Flexible dado rail can provide a unique decorative effect by marking the transition between two colours or wallpaper patterns, creating a bold visual impact [5]. Compared to traditional options, recycled EPS (expanded polystyrene) dado rails like Isowood offer a seamless installation that can go uninterrupted across the wall [5]. Even at longer lengths, they are easier to handle, making the installation process less complicated [5].

These recycled EPS dado rails also protect walls from stains, dirt, mould, moisture, and dampness, making them ideal for high-traffic areas [5]. They can also accommodate space for concealing cables and electrical wiring [5]. They are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional dado rails as they avoid using chemically-based stains, paints, and solvents [5]. Brands like Isowood offer highly durable, waterproof, wiring-friendly, easy-to-install, and recyclable dado rails, making them an ideal modern alternative [5].

Installation Process of Flexible Dado Rail

The flexible moulding being installed is called the “Woodolex flexible dado rail” [7]. It is an “OSR” (outside radius) flexible moulding designed to go on the outside of a curved surface [7]. The moulding is a 6-5/16″ symmetrical crown moulding, which can be installed either way up [7].

flexible dado railTo install the Woodolex flexible dado rail, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the moulding is at least 70°F to be flexible enough for installation. If it’s below 25°F, it will be too stiff [7]. Allow the moulding to acclimate to warmer indoor temperatures for 30-45 minutes before installation [7].
  2. Use a mitre finder to determine the exact mitre angles needed for the curved wall (e.g., 26° and 41°) [7].
  3. Measure the curved wall using blue painter’s tape, then cut the moulding to that length [7].
  4. Dry-fit the moulding first to ensure a proper fit before applying adhesive and nailing [7].
  5. Use an 18-gauge brad nailer to lightly tack the moulding in place, but rely primarily on liquid nail adhesive to hold it securely [7].
  6. Please don’t pre-finish the moulding before installation, as the finish can crack when the flexible material is bent [7].

For a traditional Dado rail installation:

  1. Mark a line 900mm from the floor using a tape measure and spirit level [8].
  2. Could you snap a chalk line along the marked line to use as a guide [8]?
  3. Using nails, please place the dado rail along the chalk line and secure it to the wall [8].
  4. You can use a spirit level to check the dado rail is level and mark a line on the adjacent wall [8].
  5. Snap a chalk line along the new marked line [8].
  6. Using a mitre saw, cut the second piece of dado rail to length at a 45-degree angle [8].
  7. A coping saw cuts out the profile shape to create a smooth scribe joint [8].
  8. Apply adhesive to the back of the second piece, slot it into the first piece, and press it against the wall [8].
  9. Optionally, could you add extra pins to secure the dado rail [8]?

The placement of dado rails is essential to determine the height, type, and quantity needed. They are generally recommended to be around 7% of the overall room height [9]. PVC is ideal for moisture-prone areas, and pre-primed or pre-painted dado rails can make installation easier and provide a better finish [9].

Design Options

Woodolex offers two main variants for different design needs – Plain Woodolex and Profiled Woodolex [1]. Plain Woodolex boards allow custom patterns and mouldings to be created using essential woodworking tools, while Profiled Woodolex includes pre-shaped skirtings and architraves that can be easily curved [1].

One popular design trend is the revival of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles, where dado rails can create a distinct vintage-inspired look in a room [3]. Woodolex, a new generation of Easy Bend Board made from 96% recycled wood and 4% adhesive, can be easily bent and shaped when heated, making it ideal for creating curved and intricate designs [1].

Woodolex offers a wide range of flexible dado rail options to suit different design styles:

  • Traditional Hardwood and Softwood Options: For a classic look, Woodolex provides dado rails in various wood types, such as maple, hardwood, meranti, oak, or walnut [6].
  • Georgian Dado Rail: A timeless option with a flat top rail and simple square profile [6].
  • Edwardian Dado Rail: Similar to Georgian but with a slightly more ornate and decorative appearance, often featuring a curved or scalloped top rail [6].
  • Ogee Dado Rail: This decorative and ornate option features a curved or ‘S’- shaped profile [6].
  • Contemporary Dado Rail: Modern options in materials like metal or MDF, with clean lines and simple designs [6].

Woodolex also offers a custom and made-to-match dado rail service for restoration projects, historical buildings, or specific design requirements [6]. Selecting a complementary or contrasting colour for the dado rails can create a stylish statement. Still, it’s essential to consider the space’s overall style and whether you will finish the rails with stain or paint [9].

flexible dado railComplementary Mouldings

Woodolex is designed to make various decorative elements, such as skirtings, architraves, mouldings, panels, furniture covers, dados, and more [1]. Easy Bend Handrails are innovative handrails that can be bent and twisted into any shape, complementing the flexible dado rail and other curved elements [1].

Woodolex is a new “Easy Bend Wooden Board (EBWB®)” generation made from 96% recycled wood and 4% adhesive. It is designed to be a 100% natural wooden board that is hard like wood but flexible like rubber [1]. It is water-resistant, reusable, and eco-friendly, ideal for interior and exterior applications [1].

Key Features of Woodolex Complementary Mouldings:

  • Versatility: Woodolex can make various decorative elements and bend them into shapes like skirtings, architraves, mouldings, panels, furniture covers, dados, and arts and crafts [1].
  • Flexibility: When heated with warm air, Woodolex can be easily bent in all directions, making it great for curves and bends [1].
  • Durability: Flexible moulding products like Woodolex are highly durable, able to withstand moisture, heat, and cold, and can be painted, stained, sanded, cut, and nailed like natural wood [10].
  • Versatile Application: Flexible dado rail can be used indoors and outdoors and can accommodate curved surfaces throughout the home, enabling a polished, upgraded look [10].
  • Easy Installation: Flexible moulding products like Woodolex are easy to install around arched windows, doors, ceilings, and curved walls, a significant advantage over traditional rigid moulding [10].

Room Inspiration

When designing a hallway with a flexible dado rail, it is crucial to consider the layout, organisation, and overall home decor style [2]. Here are some room inspiration ideas:

  • Traditional Hallway: Install a Georgian or Edwardian dado rail in hardwood like oak or walnut for a classic look. Could you paint the walls above the rail in a neutral shade and use wallpaper or wainscoting below for added texture [6]?
  • Contemporary Hallway: Opt for a sleek, modern dado rail in metal or MDF with clean lines. Create an accent wall by painting the dado rail in a bold, contrasting colour to the walls [4].
  • Curved Hallway: Use Woodolex’s flexible dado rail to follow a curved hallway’s contours seamlessly. Pair with complementary skirtings and architraves for a cohesive look [1].
  • Narrow Hallway: Use a lighter colour above the dado rail to create the illusion of height and space. Install a chair rail moulding above the flexible dado rail for added depth [3].
  • High-Traffic Hallway: Consider a durable, waterproof option like Isowood’s recycled EPS dado rails, which resist stains, moisture, and mould [5].

The flexible dado rail should be placed around 7% of the overall room height, and the design should complement the existing decor and architectural features of the home [9]. Pre-finished or pre-painted dado rails can simplify installation and provide a polished look [9].


The flexible dado rail from Woodolex offers a unique solution for enhancing interior spaces. It seamlessly follows curved walls and contours. With a wide range of design options, from traditional hardwood styles to contemporary metal and MDF rails, Woodolex caters to various aesthetic preferences. Buy Unique Design Features with Woodolex’s Flexible Dado Rail. The installation process is simplified, thanks to the moulding’s flexibility and compatibility with complementary skirtings, architraves, and other decorative elements.

Ultimately, Woodolex’s innovative approach to flexible dado rails opens up new possibilities for creative expression and personalisation in interior design. Whether aiming for a classic aesthetic or a modern, statement-making look, these versatile dado rails can elevate your space with their unique curves and seamless integration. Explore the full potential of Woodolex’s offerings to bring your design vision to life.

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